We are a revolutionary social media marketing company utilizing the latest technologies to create more loyal customers,
drive social media engagement, and increase your bottom line revenue… All through the network of you own customers.

The BareBox Instagram Printer

The magic behind The BareBox

Give a gift

The BareBox bridges new media (Instagram) with old media (print photography) to create a unique and nostalgic take-away for your customers. This new attraction will create a buzz in and out of your establishment as friends and family talk and come in to try this new piece of technology. Let’s be honest… when is the last time you and your friends were offered a free 4×6 photo?

Reach followers

When a customer posts an image at your establishment, that honest message is pushed to the news feeds of all of their Instagram followers. The average Instagram user has 800 followers. To get a print they must accurately tag your business location and mention your @business_name which in turn makes it extremely easy for interested friends to navigate to your Instagram page.

Create loyalty

The bottom of each 4×6 image contains a custom call-to-action which is used to drive your customers back into your establishment, to your website, or an offsite event. The possibilities are endless and you have full control of customization. CTA’s might read “show this on your next visit for 50% your first appetizer” or “Use promo code (ABC123) for 10% off your next booking.”

Measure ROI

When customers return with their coupon, your attendant makes an x on the back of the photo or cuts the bottom “promo” portion off to ensure it cant be used again. The attendant then inputs the promo into your POS system for accurate tracking. At the end of the week, or month, you then run a report to monitor the number of promotions redeemed and subsequent sales.

Powerful analytics

Monitor the impact of you box in realtime.

Analytics are everything. We’ve realized that the measuring the ROI of traditional marketing outlets like billboards, magazines, and radio spots is nearly impossible and completely non-interactive. With this, we’ve created an in depth analytics dashboard which allows you to monitor you boxes ROI in realtime while engaging with top contributors and influencers.

Want a report automatically emailed to you? No problem…It does that too.

The BareBox Dashboard-for site

A reason to return

This .15c photo is the greatest piece of marketing collateral you business could ever ask for. The layout if fully customizable and can be changed at the drop of a hat on our powerful dashboard. Have a big event that you’re promoting? Change that call to action to get the word out.

As the world grows more impersonal and  people are overwhelmed by mass amounts of media everyday, the task of capturing your customer and potential customers attention grows harder and harder. We are attached emotionally to our friends and family and there fore trust them and their recommendations.  This photo is the most honest, personal, and powerful advertising on the planet.

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